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The Earle Companies was founded in 1968 by Walter R. Earle.  Earle Asphalt Company was the original entity and remains today as the construction arm of The Earle Companies.  Earle Asphalt Company handles public and private road construction jobs with the capability of handling job tasks including grading, milling, paving, drainage, concrete and structures work.  In short, Earle Asphalt Company can handle virtually any task on a road construction and paving project.

In 1974 Walter started The Walter R. Earle Corporation.  This company functions as the asphalt manufacturing supply arm of The Earle Companies.  With its primary function of asphalt manufacturing The Walter R. Earle Corporation supplies asphalt products to our paving divisions, as well as outside customers and municipalities throughout the Central New Jersey region.  Today the Walter R Earle Corporation remains at the industry forefront in production capacity and operational practices and has been nationally recognized 5 times, most recently in 2007 as the industry’s leading facility in environmental friendliness.

In 1991 The Earle Companies started Pure Soil Technologies which is a Class B recycling facility that pioneered the treatment of petroleum contaminated soil in NJ.  Pure Soil Technologies was the first thermal treatment facility in the state to recycle this material.  Through the years the company expanded operations and now accepts asphalt, concrete, brick, rock and block for recycling.

In 2005 The Earle Companies continued to grow with the addition of Walter R Earle Transit, LLC. WRE Transit is an industry leading construction materials transportation company. With tandem and tri-axle dump trucks this company serves as the means for getting our asphalt and recycled materials to and from construction sites.

The Earle Companies continue to remain a family run operation and are succeeded by Walter’s three sons Walter II, Thomas, and Michael.  With hands on experience in every facet of our businesses from the bottom up, they, along with the entire management team, provide The Earle Companies with leadership that is unmatched in the industry.

Throughout the years The Earle Companies have integrated in such a way that we are capable of handling almost every aspect of a construction project from start to finish.   Our companies, although linked by the ability service each other, are operated independently and provide products and services to a significant number of construction companies, authorities, and municipalities in New Jersey and New York.

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The American Flag
For over 200 years, the American flag has been the symbol of our nation’s strength and unity. A source of pride and inspiration for millions of citizens, the American Flag is the prominent icon in our national history. Each piece of Earle equipment proudly displays the American flag to demonstrate our pride in this nation and our unity in supporting the values represented by the flag. At the end of each workday, our flags are up and on display and after years of following this tradition, we take pride in knowing that we have inspired other contractors in our industry to follow suit.

Today as in past generations, we bear witness to our country’s pivotal role in history and in numerous conflicts being fought around the globe. At Earle, we want to express our deep gratitude and support to all the Men and Women of our Armed Forces for their ongoing selfless service to our country. It takes a person of immense character with extraordinary commitment to offer their service to their country. Without these brave men and women, our fellow citizens would not be able to enjoy the freedoms afforded to us through our Constitution.

When you see our equipment on a job site, we want you to know the reasons behind our display of the American flag. Our pride in this country and the men and women who serve in our armed forces is something very important to us at Earle we hope that our fellow citizens join us in our thinking.



Thank you for visiting the The Earle Companies website. For over forty years we have been serving New Jersey.

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Thank you for visiting the The Earle Companies website. For over forty years we have been serving New Jersey.