Career Development Program

Many companies operate under the philosophy that employees are temporary and many experts say the average GOOD employee will remain with an organization for 5-7 years. There is also an industry theory that family businesses typically fail after the second generation. We do NOT subscribe to either of these theories. Rather, we feel that if we provide our employees with a safe, organized and challenging workplace and then offer the opportunities to learn and advance in their careers, they will remain with our organization. We also believe that by effectively accomplishing this objective, we can retain a pool of the industry’s most qualified personnel to take our company far beyond the current generation. Given this vision we developed and launched our Career Development Program.he Earle Companies Career Development Program is a two-part initiative.

We commit to train and develop qualified personnel to be the best in their particular positions. “Be the best that you can be.”
We commit to taking an inside first approach to promoting, giving our existing personnel the opportunities for advancement. “Be all that you can be.”
The Earle Companies Department Managers are responsible for identifying candidates for this program, High Potential Employees. Qualified employees are those who possess the desire to grow professionally, who have mastered their current field and are eager to advance to the next level. Identifying employees with The Earle Companies work ethic/culture and the necessary talent is the key to the success of this program. In order to achieve that success, it is the responsibility of management to be consistent in raising the bar, making achievement of a defined set goals top priority. From apprenticeships in the workplace to formal schooling, virtually all employees are given the opportunity to grow.

In 2010 The Earle Companies officially opened Earle University. Training programs have been developed for classes consisting of our Foreman and Supers, as well as another track for all Earle Manager’s. Some of the Training Modules created cover topics such as Performance Management, Effective Communication, Coaching, Training and Delegation, amongst others.

Ongoing feedback by attendees will help to provide information to help create future training modules.

The overall objective of our training in the Earle University is to provide our employees with the tools they need to be successful in their positions. We have taken an approach to understand the leadership behaviors of each participant. By defining specific areas of individual strengths and weaknesses, we can get a better understanding of which areas to focus on with each individual which will enhance their own leadership abilities and subsequently assist them in creating future leaders within the company, a very important component when one is looking to advance.

Employees who have been identified as “High Potential Employees” are also invited to attend classes at Earle University in order to get them acclimated to the culture, values and expectations of the Earle Leadership Team.

For an opportunity to join the Earle Team, please complete our online application here or submit your resume to


Thank you for visiting the The Earle Companies website. For over forty years we have been serving New Jersey.

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Thank you for visiting the The Earle Companies website. For over forty years we have been serving New Jersey.